Essex Cornerstone Chapter

Following the success of the Essex Cornerstone Lodge, we are pleased to announce plans for the consecration of our own Holy Royal Arch Chapter – the Essex Cornerstone Chapter!

Continuing our desire to create the most dynamic new and young masons’ club in England, we feel that having our own Chapter will be the next step in our evolution.

Our Chapter will be a ‘working’ Chapter allowing young masons the opportunity to be exalted into the Holy Royal Arch in Essex.

  • Our Chapter will be open to all current and past members of the Essex Cornerstone Club
  • It will provide young masons the opportunity to join the Royal Arch in Essex
  • It will be run by young masons, encouraging and supporting fellow young Masons in their masonic journey, promoting involvement in the Chapter and the Royal Arch generally
  • It will encourage involvement in running a Chapter
  • It will increase the Masonic education and the Masonic experience of all members

We are planning on holding just two meetings a year (so will not be a pressure on valuable free time) and will keep costs extremely low. The meetings will also be held on the same day as our Cornerstone Lodge meetings (again to reduce pressure on our valuable free time and also to help keep costs low). This is also something new for the Province.

We have received a fantastic response to our plans for a Chapter. If you are interested in becoming a Founder, Joining Member, or joining the Royal Arch in the future please contact us now.


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