Tercentenary: Goose & Gridiron

On St. John the Baptist’s day, 24 June 1717, four existing Masonic Lodges gathered at the Goose and Gridiron Ale-house in St. Paul’s Church-yard in London and constituted themselves a Grand Lodge. This was the pre-cursor to the United Grand Lodge of England that we have today. To celebrate the formation of the first Grand Lodge in the world, we are meeting up 300 years to the day, as close to the original site as possible. Unfortunately, the Goose and Gridiron pub is no longer in existence so we are going to meet at the site of the blue plaque that commemorates the occasion, in the church-yard near St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Essex Provincial Orator will be in attendance who will give us a brief outline of the occasion.

After taking a moment to appreciate and celebrate all the work Freemasons have achieved in this time, we will move to a local pub for some food and drink, and raise a glass in honour of all Brethren.

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