June 17: Mark Masons Hall

The Essex Cornerstone Club were fortunate enough to have been given an exclusive guided tour of Mark Masons’ Hall, 86 St. James, London. The stunning Victorian building situated in the heart of the swanky London “Clubland”, it acts as the administrative home of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, as well as 9 other Masonic orders.

The aim of the evening was provide the Brethren with an insight into Freemasonry beyond the 3rd degree.

The tour started outside with a recalling of the history of the building and surrounding area before we came inside and were shown around the various rooms and temples with fascinating facts and insights to each. Many temple rooms were set in preparation for meetings so the club members were able to have a sneak look at what those degrees involved.

After a very thorough and informative tour, we adjourned to the Grand Temple for an informal introduction to the nine Orders of Freemasonry administered from Mark Masons’ Hall, not as a recruitment drive but more to give an overview of the Orders, how they link with the Craft, their history and the regalia. Our host was highly entertaining and very informative. Examples of the regalia were displayed and it helped to bring an extra dimension to the talk.

The Brethren found this a truly worthwhile and enjoyable evening which was rounded off nicely by a few drinks in the upstairs bar.

The committee and members of the Cornerstone Club would like to express their gratitude to those at Mark Masons Hall that made the evening possible.

Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons www.glmmm.org

Mark Masons Hall www.86hospitality.info

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