Marked men

The Essex Cornerstone Club were fortunate enough to have been given an exclusive guided tour of Mark Masons’ Hall, 86 St. James, London. The stunning Victorian building situated in the heart of the swanky London “Clubland”, it acts as the administrative home of  the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, as well as 9 other Masonic orders.

The aim of the evening was provide the Brethren with an insight into Freemasonry beyond the 3rd degree.

The tour started outside with a recalling of the history of the building and surrounding area before we came inside and were shown around the various rooms and temples with fascinating facts and insights to each. Many temple rooms were set in preparation for meetings so the club members were able to have a sneak look at what those degrees involved.

After a very thorough and informative tour, we adjourned to the Grand Temple for an informal introduction to the nine Orders of Freemasonry administered from Mark Masons’ Hall, not as a recruitment drive but more to give an overview of the Orders, how they link with the Craft, their history and the regalia. Our host was highly entertaining and very informative. Examples of the regalia were displayed and it helped to bring an extra dimension to the talk.

The Brethren found this a truly worthwhile and enjoyable evening which was rounded off nicely by a few drinks in the upstairs bar.

The committee and members of the Cornerstone Club would like to express their gratitude to those at Mark Masons Hall that made the evening possible. 

Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons

Mark Masons Hall

Laying the foundations…

Members of the Cornerstone Club were very excited to attend the consecration of a new rugby themed lodge in Essex. The newly formed lodge of XV no. 9944 came into existence on 25th July 2017, it is a very rare opportunity witness this spectacle of grand pageantry and after 2 years in the making definitely lived up to the expectation! 

The consecration meeting had over 350 in attendance to witness the Provincial  Grand Master, Rodney Bass, alongside the Provincial team consecrate the Lodge, and 312 dined at the festive board at Felsted School. 

The closing of this special event was topped off by a rousing rendition of the hymn Jerusalem, and a resounding “Huzzah!” in appreciation of all the hard work and dedication shown by all involved. The day was highly successful and extremely enjoyable. 

The first regular meeting of the Lodge is on 25th August 2017 at 18.00 at Saxon Hall and they will be initiating a new candidate. Members that were unable to make the consecration are already booking in to attend! 

Details can be obtained by contacting the lodge secretary on

We wish the lodge a very successful future and hope to visit many times over the coming years!

Like father, like son!

The Essex Cornerstone Club chairman was very pleased to attend the Mark Lockwood Lodge, No. 3114, to see a special initiation take place. Our newly made Brother was fortunate enough to be initiated into Freemasonry by his father, and as a result is known as a “Lewis”. The lewis is an iron cramp device that enables an operative freemason to raise large stones to the required heights and set them in place with safety and precision. It symbolises strength because, by its assistance, the operative Mason is enabled to lift the heaviest stones with comparable ease. A “Lewis” is expected to provide strength to his father and assist with his burdens.

The initiate had a fantastic evening and is keen to explore Freemasonry further, he was extremely excited by what the Cornerstone Club had to offer and he joined straight away! We look forward to seeing him at a future events and hope to join him as he takes his next steps in Freemasonry.

If you have a younger candidate taking his first step into Freemasonry, we would love to help welcome them into the Fraternity! Email us at and we will try to attend. 

Keeping it in the family

The Essex Cornerstone Club were delighted to support another Initiation of an eligible Freemason. On the 10th of June, at St. Katharine’s Lodge in Rochford, our newly made Brother was Initiated by his grandfather in fine style in a wonderful and emotional Initiation. Our Club chairman connected with other young masons at the meeting (pictured) who are highly likely to join our wonderful club. If you have a special meeting coming up, drop us a line and we’ll try our best to come and support you

Fellows of the Craft

The Cornerstone Club recently had the pleasure to attend St Cedd Lodge no. 6519 to meet the Brethren. The lodge was extremely friendly and welcoming and gave an excellent demonstration of their work as they passed a candidate to the 2nd Degree. A wonderful festive board afterwards continued the merriment. It was a great opportunity to meet the Brethren of the lodge and we thank you for our invitation! 

If you would like to invite us to visit your lodge and help us to get to know the Brethren, please send us a message to we can’t always attend every opportunity but do our best!

Tercentenary Service at Chelmsford Cathedral 

The RW Provincial Grand Master and the Dean of Chelmsford Cathedral, Very Reverend Nicholas Henshall, invite you, your wives, partners and families to join us for a Service of Thanksgiving with Evensong at Chelmsford Cathedral on Sunday 25th June 2017, to celebrate the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the first English Grand Lodge, which was formed on 24th June 1717.
The service will start with a public procession into the cathedral of a number of Lodge Banners escorted by their Worshipful Masters & Wardens, the Provincial Executive accompanied by a retinue of acting Provincial Grand Officers, representatives from Essex Scouting in uniform, Mayors and District Chairmen and their consorts from across the Province and The Lord Lieutenant of Essex, the High Sheriff of Essex, the County Council Chairman, the RW Provincial Grand Master and the Assistant Grand Master, RW.Bro Sir David Hugh Wootton.

Entrance to the cathedral is free but there is limited seating so you must pre-register with the Provincial Office ( if you wish to attend; on a first come, first served basis.

The service starts at 3.30pm and brethren need to be seated before the first procession starts, which will be at about 3.15pm.

No regalia or suit is required for the service. 

This will be the first public procession of Freemasons in the Province for over 10 years and will, for the first time, include many of the Civic Leaders of the County. We very much hope young Essex Freemasons will join us to celebrate the occasion.

Good Fellowship

As a young Essex Freemason took his 2nd Degree this week, he invited other members of the Cornerstone Club to share in his experience. The Lodge of Good Fellowship no.276 that meets at the County Hotel, Chelmsford were the excellent hosts. The evening featured not one but two degree ceremonies featuring younger Masons.

After our Brother answered the questions in a very confident and capable manner he was passed to the 2nd Degree and became a Fellow Craft. The lodge then called off briefly before reopening and initiating a new Brother into Freemasonry. It was an extra special day for the candidate as he was also celebrating his 25 birthday!! 

We heard an exemplary version of the 1st Degree working tools delivered by another young brother and Cornerstone member. 
We were very pleased to attend and had an excellent evening all round. The standard of work in the temple and the crop of young members that will be coming up through the ranks shows the lodge to be in very good hands.

We hope you invite us back when the Brethren take their next steps in Freemasonry.

Cornerstone takes the Chair 

Our club chairman recently went to visit Forester Lodge, no. 7760, at Loughton Masonic hall for the installation of their 57th Master. Not only was this a special occasion for the Lodge but for the Essex Cornerstone Club too. The newly installed Worshipful Master is a member of our young Masons group, and he had the pleasure to then invest not one, but two other members of the club as officers for his year! 

We wish all the Brethren a wonderful year and are sure they will do an excellent job in their respective offices! 

We hope to return next year to see the next Cornerstone Senior Warden  when he takes to the Chair of King Solomon.

Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting

Members of the Essex Cornerstone Club attended the Essex Provincial Grand Lodge annual meeting to see their fellow Brethren from across the Province receive first appointment and promotional honours. 
Brethren from all over Essex descended onto Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street in London to be a part of it. A spectacular sight with over 1500 Essex Masons in attendance, a wonderful way to reward the hard work and dedication of so many to Freemasonry. We were proud to see one of our numbers invested as a Provincial Grand Steward, a highly prized honour that is only bestowed to 16 within the Province each year! We are sure that in the forthcoming years we will see many more Cornerstone members filling the position of this prestigious active role.
The club was once again afforded the privilege of sitting on the west balcony directly facing the Provincial Grand Master. Both the PGM and Deputy PGM were very encouraging and supportive of our club in their addresses to the Brethren, and our very proud of our achievements so far. 
A new banner display advertising the club was unveiled in the sign in hall and attracted the attention of some potential new members and helped to educate others on the aims and achievements of the Cornerstone Club. 
Overall a fantastic day was had by all, we plan to attend again next year, if you are a Master Mason then you will be eligible to attend with us! 
For those who are members of the Holy Royal Arch, we will be attending the Essex Provincial Grand Chapter meeting in September at Freemasons Hall, keep an eye out on our social media for news nearer the time. 
Check out the events section of the website to join us on our next adventure! 

Hot off the press!

The Essex Cornerstone Club has been featured in an article for an Essex newspaper. The Echo has printed this fantastic piece bringing a fresh prospective to the public opinion on Freemasonry. Showing some of the success the Cornerstone Club has achieved in its first year, definately something it’s members should be proud of!

If you are already a Freemason and  would like to known more about joining the Cornerstone Club go to
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