Providing Christmas cheer 

A tradition dating back over 23 years, the annual boars head meeting of Seven Kings Lodge, no. 2749, held at The Square, Upminster, was a spectacular like no other! With members and guests coming to support this wonderful meeting. After an excellent double initiation ceremony, the Brethren sat down to a special Festive Board, including a boars head!
The truly wonderful part of the whole day is that members and guests are asked to bring a donation of a children’s toy, which are then given to various children’s wards in hospitals across Essex, to bring a smile to the children who have to stay in over the festive period. 
The evening specifically supports the 

The Michael Charles Adams MBE Memorial (MCA) Trust that aids and assists local children with brain related cancers. In partnership with Queens hospital, Romford, they grant children with brain related cancers a special wish, or donate a piece of equipment to help make their lives a little easier or special.
So many gifts were donated that the team were able to host an extra party for some of the other less fortunate children. 
The meeting was very well attended, including by our Provincial Grand Master, RW Rodney Bass, many of his Assistant Provincial Grand Masters and also members of the Essex Cornerstone Club. The Brethren were very happy to have the opportunity to talk with the PGM afterwards and discuss Freemasonry and all the good work involved. They even got a chance to pose for a photograph! 
We are sure that next year the tradition will continue and be more successful than ever! We send our congratulations to all those involved in its set up and running. 
If you would like to find out more about the MCA Trust, or make a donation, go to