Quarterly Communication 

The opportunity of visiting Grand Lodge is always one too good to turn down, and December’s Quarterly Communication of the United Grand Lodge of England was one such occasion. 6 Master Masons In the Essex Cornerstone Club were present as the MW the Pro Grand Master Peter Lowndes addresses the Brethren and a Report of the Board of General Purposes is heard. Freemason’s that meet in Provinces all over the country attend to hear the latest developments and the future of Freemasonry under United Grand Lodge of England.
Part of the meeting featured the “our yesterdays” item, a presentation by VW Bro. John Hamill, Deputy Grand Chancellor, and VW Bro. Graham Redman, Deputy Grand Secretary. The talk was an interesting look back at the proceedings of Grand Lodge in 1816 and 1817, including the standardisation of our ritual and is dissemination to all Brethren around the country. This presentation was the last featuring both distinguished Brothers, a staple of the agenda for the last 10 years. 
Our club chairman, W. Bro. Elliott Chevin, was on active duty as Assistant Grand Standard Bearer, and was part of the Grand Procession. 
Many other New & Young Masons clubs were present too, including the Colonnade Club (South Wales) and Mon Light Blues Club (Monmouthshire). It was great to link with other younger Brethren and build on our national connections. 
Afterwards we dined at the Hercules Pillars and shared many laughs over a few beers!
We look forward to attending again next year, and hopefully taking a few more Brethren with us as they become eligible after taking their 3rd Degree.
More information on New & Young Masons Clubs (NYMC) can be found at www.new-and-young-masons-clubs.org.uk